Monday, May 13, 2013

Boys Bible Study

 Please pray for our Boyz Bible Study.  The older "boys" (men) have not been coming recently...or coming to church, either.  I really think we need a man to lead this group!  I'm just too mother-like.  Some of the men have families, some are just defiant and not wanting to learn about God, others say they are too tired.   If the older (20-something) men wanted to come, I could have the Bible study on Friday or Saturday nights.  But if it is just going to be a young group, we are meeting on Saturday afternoons.

This week we talked about anger from Matthew 5:21-24.  We talked about times we have been angry.  They were quick to tell about a time the other one was angry but eventually we were able to self-analyze and talk about how to solve problems without getting angry.  This is a life-long task and hard to do sometimes!

After the Bible study we played UNO.  It was fun to laugh and take the seriousness out of the atmosphere of the room.


  1. Such a good plan - to couple game playing with a serious discussion.

    Learning to deal with anger is a life long challenge. I repeatedly feel the need to explore this with fellow believers!

  2. & let you search/study/read the Bible online in 175 languages/translations.