Friday, May 24, 2013

Galen and Gloria Come to Visit

It was wonderful to have Galen and Gloria Lehman spend about 5 days with us.  They were full of encouragement and helpfulness.  Galen helped me to figure out how to turn the empty building on this property into an apartment for the interpreters next year.  He built his own home and is good at designing, so it was nice to benefit from his advice.  He joined the Boys Bible Study and even played "spoons" with us afterwards.

Gloria was often found chopping vegetables or washing dishes.  I so appreciated her help in the kitchen and her funny sense of humor.   It was a joy to have them both with us.

They also joined Women's Bible Study, video taped me teaching
Morine, met two Mennonite pastors here, joined our worship at Jesus' Deaf Church and basically became reacquainted with the people in our fellowship.

Friday was Teacher's Day.  The teachers at St Peter's went on a retreat and the students had a day off.  In celebration, Galen, Gloria, Sulmi, Brittany and I took a trip south to show them Belmopan and the Belize Zoo.  We found a few geocaches along the way (so much fun!) and took lots of pictures of the beautiful animals at the zoo.

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