Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cool Technology

We took a field trip to the Toucan School at the British Army Base and saw technology that I never even imagined. It was so cool. It also blew me away to think that it is probably "old" to everyone at home...have I been away that long?
A friend of ours, Pandora Cantun, paired our school with the Toucan School because we both have garden projects. Back in December we invited them to visit our garden. Now they invited us to come see theirs and see their school. We were so impressed! What a wonderful trip!
They have computer touch screens on the walls of the classrooms. They showed us a story that had a sign language interpreter in the corner. Very cool, but the interpreter was using British Sign Language (of course!), but that was interesting, too. The children were a little confused at first but I think they enjoyed seeing the British signs and were awed that the technology could show a story and signs at the same time.
They gave us a snack and showed us their garden. They have a water aspect to their garden. Hmmmm I wonder how we can do that. Something to think about....
In the picture I am teaching the sign "turtle".

Then they invited us to learn about a computer program that lets the children invent their own computer game complete with aliens and falling fruit. Each of our children was paired with one from the older class at the Toucan School. Talk about a "hands on field trip" smile. Our children loved it!

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