Thursday, June 3, 2010


There's a house down the street that has "Gangstaz" "Home-ez" and "Welcome to the Ghetto" spray painted on it. There's actually a nice family who lives in that house now, but it looks like the "Gangstaz" have moved into mine!

Elizanie came to play one Sunday afternoon. She and Kristel put together about 6 puzzles.

This would have been a nice picture if I wasn't being obnoxious with the rabbit ears...Some of us never grow up!

Life in our house is busy, but fun. I like it when both girls are here. They get along well, they help with dishes, iron their own uniform blouses and keep each other company. Kristel is only here Tuesday evening through Friday morning. And now that her mom's college is out for the summer, that will stop. We have school until June 25. (ARGH!!!!! no, there aren't extra days added to the calendar... it's just when they finally let school out here.) Sulmi will be with me until the end of the month and then go home to spend the summer with her family.

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