Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday Night Believer's Bible Study

Mario had been straying, but I praise God that he gave up his Friday night and walked a mile to my house to join us. I felt compelled to share that we all stray...and are "lost sheep". I shared personal examples and then we read Luke 15: 4-7. God was speaking to my heart to emphasize that God does not give up on us no matter what we do. It would be nice if baptism imposed a magic on us that made us immediately righteous with no future struggles with temptation, but the reality is that every day is an opportunity to reconfirm our faith and choose the path we will walk. The blessing is that if we goof up, a million times, God is still the shepherd who is searching and seaching until he finds us. When he does, all of Heaven rejoices that we have come home.

When we were done with the study, Mario looked at his watch and said, "8:00? Already?!"
Edgar nodded, "I told you, church time always goes fast." (Smile.) PTL

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  1. "Church time always goes fast" I love it!