Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some "Random" Pics and Thoughts

We saw this boa constrictor one Sunday on the way to church. The man found it in the jungle and calls it a pet. Yikes! It was big!

Juan and Angelica getting up close and personal with a baby crocodile.

Just some random thoughts:
We had village council elections two weeks ago. Angelica was sitting in her yard and was approached by the blue party. They offered a handshake and $100 (equal to a half-week's pay). A few hours later the red party council seat defender came to her house and gave her $15. Smile. The red party won that election. I don't care about the politics but I think it is interesting that the bribe did not affect the outcome.
There are some magnetic words on my refrigerator. Hilary Mayhew gave them to us a long time ago. The children can now read well enough to enjoy rearranging them to make sentences and poems. Here's an example: I know my love, name who? come when?
After asking around, I found out Alejandro was the author.

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