Friday, April 13, 2012

The Brothers

 I wasn't feeling well and asked Manuel to lead Boys Night last week. He decided to use some Bible Story Flash Cards and have the boys each select a card and tell or act out the story.  He did a good job of listening and encouraging. It was a fun night.

Why doesn't he lead every Saturday night?  I would LOVE it and I think he can, but he is reluctant sometimes.  Although God has brought him a long way from not being able to read at all to reading the CEV version of the Bible with a little help, he doesn't think he can teach from the Bible. He likes to dramatize stories, but we know the Chronological Bible stories through and through.  Manuel is watching the ASL Bible DVD some evenings on his own.  We need to find a way he can, with prayer, jump from his "watching the Bible" to leading a lesson about it. It will take some planning, some dedication, and lots of dependence on God's guidance.  I would really like to see him just totally take over the leadership of the Boyz Night lesson. On Thursday night at dinner we talk about what topic and verse to use.  Sometimes I feel it is such a hard "push" when I would rather it flowed and he just jumped at the ideas God would give him about the verse or topic.  Maybe I just need to create a vacuum and he will fall into it.  Maybe that's why Paul never stayed anywhere very long.

 Alejandro and Edgar.  Alejandro is totally bored with anything serious so he salts our Bible Study evening with lots of clowning around.  Edgar is growing in his walk with the Lord. Praise God that he is learning to make choices and not just follow the leader who seems more powerful. 

Luis comes all the way form San Jose on a bus and sleeps overnight with one of his three aunts in Orange Walk. He wants to be baptized in May.  Pray that he can keep his commitment to the Lord even when no one is watching.

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