Friday, April 13, 2012

Learning Humble Leadership

A few weeks ago I felt a nudge from God that we need to be expanding the leadership in the church.  At the same time I thought that we should add a woman.  I prayed about it and Angelica seemed like the person God was going to tap for this role.  As has happened so many times, God told Manuel the same thing.  When we met the following Tuesday, I told him I have been praying about adding someone to the leadership team.  Before I could finish my sentence he said, "Me too and I think God wants us to choose Angelica."  Both of us broke out in goosebumps and praised God for giving us clarity.The next Sunday we announced that Manuel and I felt God's leading to add Angelica to the leadership team.  Everyone was supportive and some even clapped.

We usually have a footwashing service during Holy Week.  This year it seemed like the footwashing service would be a good time to welcome Angelica on the leadership team.  We brought her to the front of the church and everyone laid hands on her and prayed for her.  Usually we wash each others' feet, men on one side and women on the other.  This time Manuel preached from John 13 and explained the kind of leadership Jesus demonstrated to his disciples.  He asked for examples of humility and what humble leadership would look like.  Then Angelica and Manuel washed feet while I took pictures with eyes welled up with "happy tears".

God is doing a mighty work among us.

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