Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little R & R

 Sulmi and I were invited to spend three days and two nights on Caye Caulker where Gineli's sister lives.  This is where Gineli goes on the weekends.  It was a fun adventure that required getting a taxi, riding the bus to Belize City, walking a mile, catching the water taxi to the island and being met by Gineli at the wharf. We had perfect weather and cool Caribbean breezes. The best part was being with Gineli and getting a feel for her island life alter ego.

This is the Water Taxi we road in.  

One night we had dinner at the Rainbow restaurant. It was a nice light supper right on the wharf.

I thought we would be staying in Gineli's sister's house, but they all live in one room behind the shop.  There was no room for Sulmi and me.  Gineli's sister, Maria so kindly got us a room in the hotel next to her shop.  It was great to be close and the room was comfortable and clean. In the picture Gineli is playing a video game and Sulmi  is watching.

This is Maria at the door to her meat and seafood shop.

Inside the shop...

Gineli clowning on one of the freezers signing "take a picture".

On the beach

Me smiling extra to make up for the girls who were goofing around making frowny, angry, gangsta faces.

We got a ten minute storm which brought cool breezes and threatening clouds.

During Easter, in my Deaf class, we used to make palm branch crosses.  As we walked past this bench, Gineli surprised me by sitting down and  making a couple of palm leaf crosses.  i was surprised she remembered how.  Then Sulmi followed suit. We placed the finished crosses in fences and other places while we walked around the island.

This guy is a "lobsta man".
He catches lobsters in these wooden traps. They are kind of a throw back to the old traps used on the Maine coast...with more right angles.

This is how he gets the traps to the boat (bicycle).

This looks almost familiar...

At night Sulmi and I walked to the other side of the island to watch the sunset from a dock. I took this shot, but she took the rest.

Spectacular light show!

I am with Jordy on the wharf as we are about to leave.  He is from a village near OW but came to the island for a vacation with his mother and to visit his aunt.  It seems he did not  know other children on Caye Caulker so somehow he adopted us,  just walked into our hotel room, sat down and said "hi".  We spent a lot of time with him. 

Sulmi and Gineli on the wharf just before we left.

Our last views of the island

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