Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The St. Peter's Anglican School Seed and Herb Company

 Our school garden is still very dry while we wait for it to rain consistently.  The rains probably won't come for about a month.  In the meantime we are trying to package and sell a few seeds and herbs.  It hasn't taken off like I had hoped.  We need a "marketing strategy" (smile).  Even so,  it is fun to work with the plants and seeds.  Seeds bring such hope.
So far we are selling zinnia seeds, oregano leaves which are used in a popular soup here called Escabeche, and Epazote leaves which can be crushed and put in beans or people use it as tea to de-worm their families.

We also have rosemary, dried thyme and basil, but not in a large enough quantity to sell to the shops here.

The label says the name of the seed or herb and "from the garden at St. Peter's Anglican School."

Hmmm don't think it is legal to ship these to the US  so we need to get creative about selling it here or drop the idea... no big deal...just a "project" to use them instead of letting them blow away in the wind.

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