Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday at Nancy's Internet Cafe and Restaurant

On Saturdays when I was teaching, I used to lock my gate and close my door so I had some private time to Bible study, work on my sermon for Sunday and start my lesson plans for school. I was so overwhelmed with my list of things to do that I had to create that space of privacy to get it done.  Now that I am not so overwhelmed and not turning in elaborate lesson plans, I open my gate about 8 and welcome whoever comes to visit.  Kristel usually comes with her computer to use my wireless service and check out her Facebook page.  Manuel came to work on his plan for leading Boyz Night Bible study, talked with me about some issues we are concerned about, prayed, stayed for lunch, and used the internet.  In the meantime I still was able to prepare our worship for tomorrow.  This works well.  Sometimes Alva drops in and Alejandro often comes early in the morning to see if I have any work for him.  Ahhhh life is good.

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