Saturday, May 5, 2012

God's Been Busy

 What do nine Deaf women ages 13 to 58 have in common?  

A keen desire to be together and learn God's Word. 

Angelica shared that on Friday morning she was alone at her mother's house that is usually jumping with 15 people.  She decided to try to read the Picture Bible I gave her, but she got stuck on the words.  Remembering that we had just talked about "perseverance"...she made a list of the words she did not know and looked them up. She was proud to tell us she understood the story.

Martha attends the Pentecostal Church but comes to our Bible Study.  She brings an eagerness to learn God's Word that is contagious and a "prayer life".  Whenever someone complains about a pain or a problem, Martha says, "Let's pray about it."  Martha also helps clarify what Reinalda gestures because they have been friends for a long time and understand each other.
Isn't that an incredible smile on Alva's face?  That's Jesus shining from her heart.  She has changed and just glows.  She's happy, loves her baby and wants to follow God.  Sometimes she calls me just to say something nice, like Thursday night she sent this text, "Look outside at the stars they are beautiful!  I love you!"   Alva said that?  Wow! God is working miracles.

 This is baby Josue (ah-shu-ay), looking cute while he is sleeping.

 Gabriel smiling for the camera.  He always wants to be in the middle of whatever is happening at my house.

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