Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alva's Baptism

 It was a great day for the Kingdom of God!  
Alva made a confession of faith, telling how she was abandoned as a child when her parents did drugs and were in and out of jail.  She explained how she became rebellious and angry and turned to prostituting herself to earn money and "write her own rules".

She explained how God has been tugging at her heart for at least 7 years but she pushed him away.  In fact she pushed her mom, her dad,  me and many of her friends away.  She was afraid to surrender her heart to anyone.

 Alva explained that her mother, father and brothers all gave their hearts to the Lord in the past year or two...at all different times and attend different churches.  In January her twin brothers prayed for her.  They laid hands on her and they talked to her about the joy she would feel if she surrendered to the love of God.  I continued to see her at least twice a week and people from the US also prayed for her.

Her heavy sin weighed on her and public confession sounded so difficult to her.   But finally she said she was tired of fighting God.  She said she wants to follow Jesus.  She confessed her sins and was absolved in front of all of Deaf church and her family.  I shed a tear thinking, "God, what a miracle you have done in her life."

A hug from her mother.,

 Smiles of the peace that passes understanding.

God is faithful!


  1. Praise the Lord!!! So awesome to see how God drew her to Himself.

  2. This is so exciting! I stumbled across your blog today and was so blessed by it! Wonderful to see Jesus at work!