Saturday, June 22, 2013

Boyz Bible Study

I'm praying at the beginning of the Bible study.
That's me praying at the start of the Bible study.  The time that seems to work best for everybody is   Saturday noon...for now.  We'll evaluate in the fall and maybe go back to Saturday nights. What do we study?  On Sunday mornings I pass out a paper with the day of the week and the verse to read.  These verses are background for the topic that I will use for Sunday's sermon and form the basis for our Bible studies.

 When Jesus prayed "on earth as it is in Heaven", he was praying that we Christians would act like God would expect us to act in Heaven.   We sometimes choose to act the way everyone else does on earth.  This creates the conflict between earth culture and Heavenly culture.

 These past weeks the boys have discussed the first aspect of Kingdom culture.  FAITH.   Faith is the opposite of worry.  There are lots of verses where Jesus tells us to have faith and not to worry.  Last week was ENCOURAGEMENT vs. criticism.  The boys each read one of the verses for the week and tell what it means.   The others add their thoughts about what the verse means.
Misael is spelling one of the words in the text.
The cool thing about doing this with the boys is that the boys that come, can all read.  If they can read the verse they can think about it and try to understand it.  This becomes an interactive approach.   Only 2 of the 8 women in the Deaf Women's Bible Study on Wednesdays can read.  That group needs a different approach...It's a struggle for me because I don't want to do all the talking. I want them to "discover" what God is saying.  Hmmm.

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