Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mangoes !

 It's mango season!  This tree is in the neighbor's yard.  One day last week when she was picking I asked if I could have the mangoes that are falling into my yard.  She said, "Please! There are too many." So I asked Manuel to knock them down for Edgar and Misael to take home.

Saturday was Mango Tree Day.  I invited the whole Deaf church to come pick mangoes from the tree.  Some climbed on the roof of my house and could reach some mangoes from there.  But "Juan the monkey" climbed to the top of the tree, filled a bucket and lowered them to us down below.  He took 2 one-hundred pound sacks of mangoes to sell and eat.  The tree still has hundreds more.  I wonder how many will be there when I come back from my two week vacation to Maine.  It's ok. Someone eating them is better than having them fall and rot on the ground.

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  1. I hope, God willing when we come down to plant a bunch of fruit trees in our yard.