Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sulmi Cooked Dinner!

     Sulmi made our supper tonight.  She often helps me but this time she made the whole meal.  I had a hospital visit.  I came home to get a blanket for the patient (the hospital doesn't supply blankets ...ARGH!
     So I came home to get the blanket and Sulmi asked, "Can I help with dinner?"
     I said, "Yes!"
 When I returned she had already peeled the potatoes, started them to boil,  and both cooked and seasoned the ground beef .

I was so impressed that I broke out the camera and watched her do the rest. She then proceeded to shred the cheese. 

Zapped the beans and corn in the microwave...

 ....and set the table.  It was potato bar night.   I praise God for guiding Sulmi to be a thoughtful, helpful person.  She's also a good cook!

1 comment:

  1. Ah, wonderful report. I hope she loves to cook and repeats this for you often!

    How is the patient?