Friday, June 14, 2013

Goodbye Beautiful Nopal

 When I first came to Belize, almost 8 years ago, Angelica gave me this little Nopal plant.  It looks like a "cactus".  I planted it in the front of the house.
 It grew to be a beautiful tree.  It had red flowers on it most of the year. But it had horrible prickers that seemed to fall into the grass and prick you if you walked near by,  Gabriel was developing sores on his feet and legs from trying to bite the prickers out.  Then the sores swelled up and got infected. I loved the tree but it was the tree or the dog and Gabriel won hands down.

 So I asked Juan to come chop it down.  He did it piece by piece with a machete.

 What hard work!  He started with protective clothing and shed it as the heat of the day made him too hot.
Now I get to plant something else!

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